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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a branch of Physical Therapy that utilizes a comprehensive approach to evaluate and treat sport and exercise-related injuries, disorders, dysfunctions, and disease processes while also providing the individual with education for prevention of future injury.

The professional staff of HealthWorks offers the expertise and specialized equipment necessary to treat a variety of sports-related injuries. Our patients have included world-class kayakers, as well as professional basketball, baseball and soccer players. We treat collegiate-level athletes along with weekend warriors and Little League hopefuls.

The Standards of Care utilized by our clinic are evidence-based; backed up by current research in the field and updated as needed. They address all major injury sites and address both surgical and non-surgical conditions including Rotator Cuff Pathology, Knee Injuries, Ankle Injuries, etc.

Community Sports Medicine Program
At HealthWorks, we believe in supporting and encouraging safe athletics in our schools and in our community. Through our Community Sports Medicine Program, we provide Injury Management Coverage for community athletic sporting events.


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